Hello! I’m Proy.

A user-centred product designer with a background in art direction, illustration and motion design


To comply with confidentiality the clients, I cannot showcase most the projects in detail. Contact me if you want to learn more. 

Tom Tailor Group

Project type: B2C E-commerce, Mobile first

Deliver great User Experience in E-commerce Environment for native and web applications. Conduct and analyse qualitative/quantitive User Research, tailored to the business goals. (Surveys, Interviews, Field studies and Testing). 


• Successfully Scale UX to the business departments.
• Decrease development efforts by half of the time
• Able to bring business to conduct their own user research
Improve the communication between teams, better performing and faster UX workflows


Project type: B2B E-commerce

I was part of the startup, BOXXPORT, Container Marketplace, working as a solo designer. I have created the entire product with the team from scratch: Research, Personas, Prototype and flows, User testing, design patterns and interface design.


• After 1.5 year BOXXPORT have stocks in more than 184 countries.
• The team can work independently and in a user-centric approach without a full team of UX designers
• Featured Exhibitor at INTERMODAL Europe 2019
• First month of social media gained 700+ followers organically

Creative services

User-centred strategy

I have experience in giving workshops and communicating with other departments to achieve a more user-centred approach across departments and teams.

Brand Experience to User Experience

My experience in art direction and illustration helps me to understand the relationships between branding, content and UX/UI. I design digital products that carry on the voice and touchpoints of the brand. 

Simple and straight to the point concepts

The simplest idea often has the highest impact. I deliver reliable, well-thought-out, but simple foundations that contribute to a long-term successful product.

‘Enough’ User Research

A common misconception about research is expensive and time-consuming. There should be adequate data that contribute to great performing product. It should not be a bottleneck.

Wireframe + Prototype

I create low to high fidelity designs to communicate and portray concepts based on purpose and context.