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smart EQ app iOS and Android

smart EQ app iOS and Android


iOS and android apps for smart electronic car. The smart EQ control app connects your electronic smart to your smartphone; Users can keep track of their current vehicle at all times and control a host of functions.


My responsibility included visual design, web-based prototype for usability testing, motion/interaction design and participation in jira design sprint for demo launch.


Project Management
Rahul, Erko 

Melanie B., Carlos M.
Ben K. , Benjamin R. 
Proy B., Tara V. C., Lisa A.

Computer Rock GmbH

Problem statement

Smart wants to create an app for their electronic car that communicate to their customers their brand experience

Users and Audiences

Electronic car drivers, mid 30s

Roles and 


UI and UX testing guidelines and prototypes together with senior UX designer.

Design Process

Together with my senior ux designer, we come up with solutions to any upcoming UX problems while testing.We also prepared the testing guidelines and clickable prototype for our user testing session. I take care of all UI design testing (on mobiles and desktop) and additional designs. 
Most of the app was already set and as we are working V2.0 of EQ control APP. The client wants to test new features in V2.0 with real users. 

User testing

Most concept were already development for the app, though we were faced with more complex features for version 2. With the current situation of the project, we were only able to test development in v2. (Waterfall)


We prepared a clickable prototype and conducted lab visitors to walk through series of tasks and let us know their opinion.


From the feedback of our users we found very interesting insights and we went back to development to prepare to launch smart EQ control app v.2 .