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Why I write again

by | Feb 20, 2020 | 0 comments

Moving a lot as a child has given me a talent of adaption to different situations and since I’ve moved to Germany, my English abilities are declining. I want to restart this blog to push myself to write more and hopefully improve my English writing skills.

In this blog post, I want to talk about the importance of being good at writing as a designer. As a UX designer, it is a must – ( I wish the word design is removed. I wasted so much time to explain WHY it’s not JUST visual.)

So, Why do you even need to know how to write?

When you write better, in most case, you will be better at speaking or formulating arguments

First and most importantly, you’ll have to communicate if you understand the brief correctly, and what other information do you need from the client.

Then you’ll have to give them reasons to buy your concepts, some are not tangible, too abstract. At times you seemed like the crazy person in the room. If you are good at speaking – you might be able to convince them.

Being good at writing means, you can present your work without you even being there.

Showcasing your work

You might not be there to present your work. Or it could be your website, you wanna talk about your work. People want to hear what you say. It’s so easy now to just pull some images from the internet and put it on your website.

What most people outside of the design world may not know, it is crucial that you present your work well. Sometimes better than the work itself.

As a designer, you have to convert ideas into solutions whether it maybe visualization and articulations.

It’s easy to get good design, it’s hard to have a good designer.

Your ability to work with everyone, make them understand your point and show them that you understand them will make you stand out from the rest. Want ‘good’ design? why not just hire someone for a fiver?

It’s very important to write your Minutes of Meeting, especially when you work with higher up. It shows that you care about what they say.

Plus, you save yourself when they ask you about some points you forget in the meeting.  then you pull up this email. BAM. DESIGNER OF THE YEAR.

Moving on and up

As you move up in your career, this skill becomes increasingly essential. You will eventually need to convince your clients to say yes to what is not tangible or the work that you didn’t even do yourself but your team.

Creative directors spend 50% of their time in meetings, convince clients and communicating for the rest of the creative time.

So start writing…