smart readyto UI redesgin iOS and Andriod

Jun 2018


The “ready to” app connects the smart with the internet to enable users to access vehicle functions of their smart on their smartphone.


Rebranding the UI of the app on Andriod and iOS with the team to better portray the brand experiences.  


Project Management
Fabian Wegman, Stefanie Hinck

UI Design

Proy, Benjamin Reiß

UX Design
Gregor Fraser


The Brief

Redesign smart Readyto App to increase the flexibilty to support upcoming features.

Limitations -Pain points

  • UX flows are not flexible. UI has to accommodate the existing flow of the app.

  • Design system has to fit with 4 different languages as the app plans to be launch globally.

  • Design systems has to be clear and safe to use while user are driving.

Target Audience

smart car owners who are looking for more features and creative solutions for their car. The UI has to support map features, visible in day and night light.


Design system and app design presentation that suitable for different language and regions. Design has to be simple and safe for car drivers to interact while driving. 

Click to see each interface in German, English, Italian and French